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sunshell serum 2023

Creating a brand identity, and developing the packaging design and some promotional materials for new high-quality Skin Care product lines of the Cosmetics brand SunShell, is all about understanding the needs, preferences and skin care routine of consumers with different skin types and natural skin tones.


  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging
  • 3D Visualizations
  • Display Advertising
  • Website Concept
branding logo1
sunshell ad tube after sun
sunshell xmas spray
sunshell bath blossom
sunshell typo

A sophisticated and timeless Look 'n Feel

Consumers are seeking Skin Care products that not only improve their skin but also reflect their personal (life) style. Following the elegance of the SunShell brand, we chose for a sleek black and pink minimalist design with nude colors and modern typography that all come together in Marketing activities, such as Retail packaging, store interior design, seasonal magazines, indoor posters and website concept.
sunshell serum
sunshell ad after sun tube
sunshell bath oil tamanu
sunshell after sun sprays
sunshell catalogue 2021
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